Financial Planning Software

Do you know how much you need to invest this month to . . .

  • Provide for your children college education?
  • Build the retirement assets you will need to meet your retirement goals?

How much life insurance do you need to have to provide your family the lifestyle you would want them to have in the event of your premature death?

Finding the answering these questions require complex actuarial projections that few people know how to perform for themselves. That is why Mr. Kane made Mr. Langston promise to take the software he had developed to create the financial plans for his clients and make it available to everyone who wanted to create a secure financial plan to guide them towards the accomplishment of their financial goals.

That software is now available in a web based application here to create your own financial plan for your family. And in keeping with Mr. Langston promise,wheres the gold slot machine he has kept the cost to use this software at a level everyone who is serious about their financial future can afford at just $29.95.

Once you acquire this web based software service, you can use it as many times as you want into the future to keep your family’s financial plan current with your goals and ever changing economy.

Your can also review the manual for the software here.